May 28, 2024 to June 1, 2024
University of Ottawa
EST timezone

HardenedBSD 2024 State of the Hardened Union: A Decade of Hardened Bits

May 31, 2024, 11:15 AM
Desmarais 1160 (University of Ottawa)

Desmarais 1160

University of Ottawa

Lecture 50 min Development Talks: Room 1160 - Friday


Shawn Webb (The HardenedBSD Project / The HardenedBSD Foundation)


The HardenedBSD Project is a "spork" of FreeBSD that aims to provide the wider BSD community with a clean-room reimplementation of the publicly-documented bits of the grsecurity patchset for Linux. The cofounders of the project started collaborating in 2013, and the project become official in 2014.

HardenedBSD goes above and beyond its original goal by providing extra security enhancements, exploit mitigation strategies, and unique access into our infrastructure. We seek out ways to serve in global human rights endeavors, navigating the nexus between {cyber,info}sec and human rights.

This presentation recaps the last decade of development and dives into where we aim to go in the next one, five, and ten year periods. We give tangible (yet sanitized) examples of the impact of our human rights focus.

Primary author

Shawn Webb (The HardenedBSD Project / The HardenedBSD Foundation)

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